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At Bobbi’s Pole Studio – the most renowed pole studio in Sydney – our classes are designed to suit all types of students, from Beginners to Advanced, industry to non-industry and everyone in between.

Our Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced terms are all across 10 weeks, and consist of a weekly 1 hour session of intense Pole Instruction combined with Dance orientated Warm-up and Cool Down.

Hello from Ness!

A little about us!

In 2002 I went to learn pole dancing at a strip club and I LOVED IT! Bobbi was my teacher, she was AMAZING! The strip club ran two 6 week terms and then decided it wasn't making them money (classes were on a Tuesday at 4pm). The poles didn't spin, you could touch the ceiling in your bare feet, no music, no warm up, but I LOVED IT! I was shit at it but I didn't care. I got a pole at home to practice. When the classes finished I approached Bobbi and suggested we do a coffee table book together. I organised a photographer and she managed to borrow a strip club for a day and we made a book called Strip (never published).

After we posted the book off to a few publishers we decided to get a pole manufactured and do an instructional video and try and sell them through Rebel....we were half way through that project when one of the clubs Bobbi worked for offered us some space in his Pitt St Massage parlour to do classes, woohoo! We painted, Bobbi' sewed some curtains, we put another pole up (it already had one) and we held an Open Day. We had 100 people turn up and sign up and used that first term to find a new premesis on Castlereagh Street (with 15 poles, it was SO COOL). That studio had an old rickety lift, no sink, no air con and the toilets were 2 floors down. We opened up aother smaller studio in that building especially for hens nights but that quickly got full with classes too, it was time to find a bigger place. Ta da....now we're in Elizabeth Street which is super handy for public transport, great lift, air con, 3 rooms, our own bathroom and an iconic view of hyde park (great for filming)

We run Miss Pole Dance Australia and Mr Pole Dance (International) as well as MX Pole and a few Amateur Nights each year for our students.

Bobbi was not only a kick arse pole dancer but a fabulous dancer (she was a Showgirl in Japan for many years before I met her). A master of choreography and her showgirl background moulded the style we have today. Our leveled classes are a mix of learning new moves and dancing and each term we have a Show Night in your last class of the term. Might sound scary but it's actually SUPER fun (and let's face it, anything you do in life that's a little scary is usually worth doing, right?).

Our teachers are exceptional, super talented pole dancers and delightful humans. We work hard but we also have HEAPS of fun, we're all a little bit silly (one of my favourite qualities)!

I hope you can join us for a class

Ness xx

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