There’s a class for everybody no matter what skill level you are. Learn more about our classes below.

Cost for 10 week class: $325 Length: 1 hour(s)
Cost of class as an additional 10 week class: $190
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Beginners Pole Dance

Once you have graduated from Beginners you can enroll in intermediate one. In this level you'll continue to build on the skills you learnt in Beginners, learn some new tricks as well as learning to invert for the first time.

Pre requisites: Both sides - Spinning Climb, Pole Sit & Chair Spin
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Intermediate 1

Now that you've mastered your ankle grab invert, in intermediate two you'll start working on your straddle invert whilst continuing to strengthen your foundation moves.

Pre-requisites: Ankle Grab (taking both hands off for 3 seconds), Closed Jamilla & Layout
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Intermediate 2

You've mastered your straddle invert now it's time to take it up the pole! In Intermediate three you'll not only be working on your aerial inverts you'll also be learning your inside and outside leg hangs.

Pre-requisites: Straddle invert (hold for 3 secs), Open Leg Jamilla, Cross Leg Layback
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Intermediate 3

In Intermediate four you'll start learning some of the really cool tricks like, butterfly, superman and putting everything into some really cool combos.

Pre-requisites: Aerial Invert (from Spinning Climb), Inside Leg Hang, Outside Leg Hang, Vivas
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Intermediate 4

Things are getting serious now! Intermediate five is where you'll learn gravity-defying tricks like Static V's (Ayesha), Extended Butterfly and Jade Splits. At this level, we recommend two classes a week.

Pre-requisites: Starfish to Nosedive, Folderover, Butterfly, Superman (from Outside Leg Hang), Cupid
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Intermediate 5

Get ready to learn some really cool tricks and put those foundation moves to work. In Advanced you'll start playing with super fun splits and strength moves!

Pre-requisites: Extended Butterfly, Jade Splits, Static V (Ayesha), Brass Monkey, Aerial Jamilla
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You've made it!! The cream of the crop! Elite is our non-syllabus based level where your instructor will teach you all the fun trending tricks and transitions you see on social media. In Elite each class will work on the same routine during the term, however, additional tricks in class will vary from instructor to instructor.

Pre-requisites: Teacher's Discretion. Static V's (Ayesha) - Twisty, True Grip & Elbow Grip, Aerial Shoulder Mount
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In your class you will learn stretches to become as bendy as you can be! You will also learn impressive poses such as the needle scale, chest stand, forearm stands and more.

*This is an open level class*
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Splits eluding you? This class will give you the best opportunity to finally make them your bitch! Includes exercises to do at home and accountability photos!
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Specifically Splits

This 10 week course covers the basics of Lap Dancing and Striptease, starting from the floor and working all the way up. Floor moves, body rolls and seductive dance steps are covered along with the art of Striptease and Chairwork. You will learn a complete Striptease/Lap Dancing routine by the end of your course.

PLEASE NOTE: You DO NOT have to get your gear off in these classes (only if you want to...)
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Beginner Strip/Lap (SLAP)

Have you done beginners slap a few times and you're ready for the next challenge? This class is for you. Slightly more risque - involving flexibility, and alluring choreography and some fun challenging tricks on and off the chair.
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Intermediate Strip/Lap (SLAP)

To the lyrical lovers who want all the feels, this one is for you. Lyrical Pole 10 week course. Learn a series of moves, sequences and flows which will be put into a routine that will open you up to a whole new world of pole dance.

Suitable for Int 1 + (knee pads required)
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Lyrical Pole

Pop, wiggle, shake! In this class you’ll learn booty shaking technique in multiple positions on the floor and around the pole, all wrapped up into a sexy pole routine in heels. Open to all pole and dance levels. Knee pads required, pole heels optional.
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Booty Love

You’re feeling a bit sexy and want to give your partner a bit of a sexy striptease, but you have no idea how to do that…..Well, we have the answer!

This class includes full choreography that gets you from dressed to fully naked.

Heels definitely recommended
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Master the art of seamless, effortless flow. Freestyling will develop your originality and enhance your quality of movement. We will help unlock your creativity, fluidity and musicality with explorative games and movement exercises.

Int 1 repeater + (heels and knee pads required)
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Free Your Style

Focusing on the sensual and fluid side of pole, in exotic flow you will learn a full routine over the term, with a focus on fine tuning your heel work, articulations and isolations. This class you will learn a routine over the term while developing your movement vocabulary and musicality by exposing you to interesting transitions and details.

Suitable For Int 1 repeaters + (heels and knee pads required)
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Exotic Flow

Did someone say cardio? Hardstyle is a high intensity dance class with lots of dynamic movement, dance technique and a little bit of gymnastic strength combined into a fun routine on static pole.

This course is for students who have done 1 term of exotic flow - knee pads and heels are required.
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Exotic Hardstyle

Have no dance experience or have trouble picking up choreography? This is the place to start! Learn a new (short) routine each week to help build your dance confidence.

(students must have completed a term of beginners to enrol in pole grooves)
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Pole Grooves Int 1 - 3

Love to dance? Pole Grooves is for you! Each week you'll learn a new routine to help perfect your dance skills and get a great cardio workout at the same time!

(students must have completed a term of beginners to enrol in Pole Grooves)
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Pole Grooves

Int 1-3

This is a focused tricks-based class. No routine
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Tricks and Combos Int 1-3

A tricks based class where you'll learn how to master static pole. This class is a great addition to your schedule, especially if you're thinking about competing.

Suitable for Int 5 and above
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Static Tricks Int 5+

Int 4 repeaters and above

This is a focused tricks-based class. No routine
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Tricks and Combos Int 4+

You've been doing Pole Grooves for a while and looking for an extra challenge! Advance Pole Grooves is for those who want some more detailed choreography and a possible pole combo thrown in as well.

(Advanced Pole Grooves is suitable for students in Int 3 and above)
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Advanced Pole Grooves

Bobbi's Pole Studio can also cater for those Ladies who prefer the exclusive attention of a one on one Instructional class in either Pole Dancing, Strip Tease, or Lap Dancing, whatever you need help with. $40 a head for more than 3 people.
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Private Lessons (max 3 people)

Are you struggling with inversions? Dreaming of your shoulder mount (Candy?) Want to hold the perfect spin for the perfect amount of time? Then this class is for you! No matter what level you are at in pole, there is something always just slightly out of reach. In this class using a combination of pole based and floor excercises, we will have you smashing your strength goals.
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Pole Conditioning

Learn the many ways of body rolling, rolling sexily across the floor, and how to master all things low flow. In this class you will learn different floor tricks over the 10 week term and learn a super sexy routine.

Int 1 and above.
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Beginners Floorwork

Intermediate Floorwork is a step above regular floorwork. You learn a routine over 10 weeks that consists of floorwork and low pole/base work.

Completion of lower level floorwork twice or approval of teacher required.
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Intermediate Floorwork

Learn a new routine each week!! Suitable for Int 1 + 4 week course
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Pole Grooves Mini Term

A 5 week Introduction to Pole Dance held in the last 5 weeks of every term. A great 'taster' or preparation for the Beginners course. You can do all five classes or, if there's space, they are stand-alone classes so you can just try one
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