At Bobbi’s Pole Studio – the most renowned pole studio in Sydney – our classes are designed to suit all types of students, from Beginners to Advanced, industry to non-industry and everyone in between.

Our Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced terms are all across 10 weeks, and consist of a weekly 1-hour session of intense Pole Instruction combined with Dance-orientated warm-up and cool down. The student nominates their session time of choice at enrolment which then remains fixed for the duration of the course.
The teachers follow a course schedule of weekly moves that incorporate, turns, lifts, non-weight bearing maneuvers and combinations, so each student gains strength, flexibility and pole confidence to his/her desired level. On completion of each term, the student can then progress to the next level. The classes will generally consist of 1 teacher and up to 13 students.


It’s a very unpretentious and fun environment where everyone is supportive of each other and all ages, body shapes and levels of fitness are welcome.
Join us for a free trial! We run our trial classes often so please feel free to call us for more details and dates.

If you have done pole (coming back from break or coming from another studio) it’s best you come in for a free level assessment during the weekend practice time.
Our instructor will go through the syllabus with you to assess you in the best level with us and you’re welcome to stay for practice after.


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